The Civil Appellate Practice at Bailey & Galyen

Protecting Your Clients in Interlocutory Appeals

If you have put together a compelling case for your client in a civil trial in Texas, but have been put on hold because an issue of law needs to be resolved, you want an experienced attorney to protect your client’s rights. Even though you may be a skilled and experienced trial lawyer, you may lack the time, the experience or the inclination to represent your client in the interlocutory appeal. That’s where we can help.

At the law offices of Bailey & Galyen, we have represented petitioners and respondents in civil appeals in the state courts in Texas for over 35 years. We handle all types of appeals, including interlocutory appeals. We know how much work can go into the preparation for trial, and how important your relationship is with your client. We will exhaustively review all required documents, and we have extensive experience conducting effective legal research, preparing persuasive legal briefs, and successfully arguing before appellate tribunals.

Among others, an interlocutory appeal can be taken from an order that:

  1. Appoints a receiver or trustee;
  2. Overrules a motion to vacate an order that appoints a receiver or trustee;
  3. Certifies or refuses to certify a class in a suit brought under Rule 42 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure;
  4. Grants or refuses a temporary injunction or grants or overrules a motion to dissolve a temporary injunction;
  5. Denies a motion for summary judgment that is based on an assertion of immunity by an individual who is an officer or employee of the state or a political subdivision of the state;
  6. Denies a motion for summary judgment that is based in whole or in part upon a claim against or defense by a member of the electronic or print media, acting in such capacity, or a person whose communication appears in or is published by the electronic or print media, arising under the free speech or free press clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, or Article I, Section 8, of the Texas Constitution, or Chapter 73, CPRC;
  7. Grants or denies the special appearance of a defendant under Rule 120a, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, (except in a suit brought under the Family Code);
  8. Grants or denies a plea to the jurisdiction by a governmental unit.

We build our successful appeals practice on a commitment to open communication, responsiveness and accessibility. We will work closely with you, making certain that we have all the facts, as well as a clear understanding of your client’s objectives. We will immediately inform you of any developments in your appeal, and will fully explain your options, as well as your prospects for success on appeal.

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Our Representation in Interlocutory Appeals

We handle all types of appeals that arise during the course of a civil trial, and which must be resolved before the trial can continue. We will:

  • Gather and evaluate all information related to the interlocutory appeal
  • Fully research the legal issues that are the subject of dispute
  • Prepare all necessary pleadings or documents, including briefs of law
  • Represent you in all oral arguments before the appellate courts

We have the skill, experience, knowledge and resources to handle your civil appeal.

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We handle all matters related to civil appeals for clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Arlington, Bedford, Grand Prairie, Carrollton, Mesquite, Plano and Weatherford.